what the fuck, stupid insensitive people

so main girl’s boss is a douche right now and i totes wanna clock him but i gotta not do that. anyway there was this super retarded situation with the kids picking a spirit day and somehow the option that one kid thought of called “alter ego day” totally won votes and so of course main girl had a breakdown crying in the bathroom becuz thats sort of UM NOT FUNNY TO US.

stupid fucking people. especially cuz douche boss totes knows about our diagnosis and he still voted for it becuz he just didn’t THINK about her feelings. like at all. what the fuck she JUST YESTERDAY sent him an email about this shit, and he still was like DUHHH I’M STUPID AND I LIKE TO MAKE MY WORKERS FEEL LIKE SHIT.

HOW IS IT EVEN AN OK SPIRIT DAY. wtf even if it wasn’t for main girl on staff, have some sensitivity, it’s like duh u don’t have schizophrenia spirit day or bipolar spirit day.

it’s not a joke and it’s not fucking funny it’s a real problem that people have.

so i feel bad for main girl today cuz she shouldnt have to feel like crying just becuz of some really dumb fucking idea. fucking christ, pick pirate day or rainbow day. not make fun of a psychological condition day.


douche should have stood up for her but he is a douche.

4 thoughts on “what the fuck, stupid insensitive people

  1. Meg O says:

    I should have said something. I feel so stupid now for not standing up to it. I am so sorry, hats. You are awesome everyday, remember that. I’m sorry.

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